Unless you are interested in buying the product that is being advertised, nobody (at least nobody I know) likes to see the same advert twice. But what if the advert contained some really cool music or something funny that you wouldn’t mind seeing twice?

Today, tablets are a rage and folks have been downloading and viewing all sorts of online videos. There are online videos galore on social networking sites too. People, who love some song, post a link to it. The site that hosts the video song in turn, packages some video advertisement in it. Of course, the purpose of this blog is not to discuss video adverts that piggy pack on a host video – the purpose is to highlight the fact that given the acceptance of videos in the lives of ordinary folks, the time for the stand alone video advertisement has come and businesses need to leverage and profit from video advertisements.

Make it lovely
A video advertisement is not something in which your sales manager stands in front of the camera with a product in his hand, a nervous smile on his face, delivering a bland message. The old style of video advertisement is out and so are the bland tasteless commercials one sees on TV. I am talking of adverts of the kind you see Coca-Cola, AXE Deo  and Old Spice delivering. I am referring to adverts which are classy, have a lively music that is attractive to the target audience and delivers a very subtle message.

Why Video?
Each year the number of people watching videos online increases by roughly 17% (source: Digital Video Roundup by eMarketer). The current number stands at an astounding 78 million people. With 3G and 4G technologies being available even in developing countries of India, China and the South East and also cheaper high speed broadband, more and more people than ever before are willing to download and view videos on the smart phones and tablet PC’s.

That said, a video advert should never be more than one minute in duration. Anything more than that will not only take up more time and bandwidth to download, it will in all probability, irritate the user.

Hop on the Video Advertisement and Profit from it
As the number of internet users go up, so too the businesses advertising through video content. However, not all businesses seem to have understood or incorporated sound advertisement policies. Those that do, reap the profits.

If eMarketer’s statistics are to be believed, video advertising is the single fastest-growing format of advertisement and US business will be spending upwards of $10 Billion by 2017. Rumour has it that pretty soon Facebook too will be offering video advertisement.

Don’t wait for the market to get saturated – seize the opportunity now and profit from online video advertisement.