About Us

The year was 2004; the location was Gondia in Maharashtra, INDIA.

Rather than work as employees, Vikas Gupta and his 4 buddies; all top-rankers from the local engineering college, decided to form their own firm. Each would head a department providing absolutely premium quality services at down-to-Earth prices that made sense to their clients.

The four departments were; Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services, Web Designing and Hosting, Social Media management & promotion and, Back-office support including virtual staffing.

Over the years two more specializations were added; Content creation and, online product and eCommerce sales management.

Since its inception, the company has grown from a small fledgling to a medium sized company that local college grads aspire to join.

Our customer base has grown slowly and steadily. Over 80% of our customers have come to us via referrals from existing customers. This is because we value each and every customer and the business they provide. Irrespective of its financial value, every project is treated with care and attended to with dedication.

The quality of service and respect you shall receive from us, will be the best in the industry.