There was a time when humans physically exchanged one goods for another. Goods itself was the currency. This of course was known as the ‘barter trade’. Then kingdoms came to be established and Kings and Queens printed coins. These became currency and were used to purchase goods. Trade flourished because you no longer had to keep currency in the form of goods. This revolutionised industry and the market place.

Today, yet another revolution has occurred; the e-commerce revolution has taken place. Thanks to the internet, the traditional brick-and-mortar markets of yesterday have copied themselves and setup branches in cyberspace. Some solely traded in cyberspace. It is estimated that by the year 2020, roughly $27 Trillion worth of trade will take place via the internet.

Thanks to e-commerce, tens of thousands of websites have sprung up. Entire supermarkets and malls have sprung up into cyberspace. Real estate space is not a constraint. A bunch of traders can bandy together, sell their good online to the tune of millions of dollars without so much as an office. Anything and everything from the humble pen to a huge luxury yacht can be sold online.

However, as trade in cyberspace grew into a million-dollar empire, so did the complexity and the need to keep track of what was happening. People were buying and buying especially during ‘Black Friday Sales’, Seasonal and festive days. The website owners needed to keep track of all sales and link each sale with available stocks. There were deliveries to be made. There were returned goods to be tracked back to the sale so refunds could be issued. There were customer complaints to read and responded to. There were customer queries to answered. Indeed, for every million in trade, there is like a million different things to be done. There’s only so much a single individual or a bunch of individuals can do.

All this led to another revolution; outsourcing!

Today, you no longer have to do anything by yourself. You can outsource it. If your office is located in a developed country and you are having difficulty ringing in profits, one way to knock back your expenses; is to outsource your office routines or outsource the management of your online trade. Bring in the virtual assistants.

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