Classic Data Typing Services

Need something keyed into or transferred into a computer?

Over the years, Staffcloud has keyed in or transferred hundreds of thousands of gigabytes of data. Our staff have either directly (and flawlessly) typed into a computer, or have translated tapes and digital audio files into words or have scanned tens of thousands of documents.

Data typing requires more patience than most jobs on this planet. We at Staffcloud, train our staff on how to develop a keen interest in the text they are typing. This is our secret to maintaining speed and accuracy. Of course, each and every one of our data typing staff is certified for speed and accuracy. They are also selected for their ability to understand spoken language.

In the end, accuracy is everything and towards this end, we have supervisors to oversee and double check the keyed data.

So, let’s talk today; we have what it takes to convert your data into digital format.