Outsourcing is all about leveraging the best available options. It is estimated that about 80% of all jobs in your office work can be handled by staff not physically working in your office. Such staff could be 10,000 miles away where the local economy of that region, enables you to hire them at less than half your current cost. You save not only on salaries and overheads, but also on expensive real estate space. As a sharp entrepreneur, you source the best quality resources at the lowest possible price and when it comes to staff, that’s us; Staffcloud.

Do more. It’s easy to add the required staff.

If you have the idea, we have the virtual manpower. Don’t let staffing issues come in the way of your business expansion plans. While most customers build their team for a specific purpose, it does not take them long to see the value of broadening their workforce to offer support for other areas of their business.

Staffcloud can provide multi-departmental teams that are custom-built to individual requirements. By providing structured teams of talented, dedicated staff and the tools to provide seamless integration, Staffcloud can rapidly deploy simple solutions that can support many departments in an organisation.

After getting their core team established, many of our customers add skilled Staffclouder in related areas to expand their capabilites. For example, a customer in the Real Estate industry had a team of data entry staff, but added a graphic artist and web developer to maintain their website and do their corporate creative work. These two full-time staff members cost them less than the five hours a week they were spending with their design agency. They got an extra 70 hours of work each week for the same cost.

Our clients love working with us because they want a global outsourcing partner who understands their individual business requirements and can deliver workforce solutions that are extremely scalable, cost-effective and tailored to their specific needs.