How Staffcloud Works

Staffcloud has a couple of hundred of the best talent available that adhere to a strict code of ethics and behaviour. Our staff work under westernized standards and is guided by an innovative management team that ensures quality, timely delivery, and value-for-money services.

With an exemplary track record of delivering successful outsourcing technology solutions, there is no better staffing or technical solution provider than Staffcloud.

Whatever the size of the task – be it a long-term manpower requirement or just a few man-hours worth; getting your task done, is as easy as simply selecting a service or a staff hire plan. Once you are onboard, we communicate daily using our transparent, custom-built, task-based portal wherein, you can participate and view progress.

Every staff team we provide, has built in redundancy of key personnel; this ensures that your work never stops. For any query, please write to

Experienced Staff with good English Skills

The best local college grads are selected after a rigorous review process that includes testing their English language skills. Post-recruitment training, good remuneration and HR policies keep our staff happy as is proved by our attrition rate that is less than 5%.

Rest assured, that any Staffcloud employee that works for you, is exceptionally qualified for the task and will deliver optimal results that far exceed your expectations. This is perhaps one of the key reasons for our success in the last 14 years.