How secure is cloud data?

While there is no such thing as an unbreakable lock, there is a difference between laxity and continuously upgrading the security and keeping one step ahead of potential thieves.

When it comes to Staffcloud, you are paying us for our services and part of the deal is, we keep your data secure. Google Drive and other similar services are free and therefore, they have no obligation to outperform in terms of security.

In fact, just last year, almost five million Gmail accounts were hacked. The hacked information which included Google Drive data, was dumped on various public forums.

How does Staffcloud keep your data secure?
Staffcloud data storage systems encodes the client data with a specific unique 128-bit encryption key. Without the key, the data is gibberish!

These constantly changing digital keys are kept on separate highly secure systems.  Our survival as a business depends on our ability to keep our client’s data secure. So, we will do whatever it takes (within reason of course), and use every trick in the book, to keep your data 100% secure.